SKU: SK-P700-001
SKILLSYSTEMS P700 power supplies, like all other products of our company, are made using only high-quality components and are designed for professional use 24/7:

  • Real 700W rated power
  • Capacitors made in Taiwan
  • Fan with double ball bearing (SKILL-bearing reliable cooling system)
  • Energy efficiency up to 84%
  • High quality copper cables
  • Technology to reduce noise during operation
  • Active PFC
  • Cable length from 650 mm
Real 700W
The power supplies guarantee a real 700W of total power.
SKILL-bearing technology
Cause we use of a double ball bearing cooling system and ceramic coating of moving parts, SKILLSYSTEMS devices operate reliably 24/7 for many years.
SKILL-bearing - a reliable cooling system!.
High-Quality components
All SKILLSYSTEMS power supplies use only the highest quality components.
High quality wires and connections
All wires and cables used in SKILLSYSTEMS products are made of high quality copper and have the required cross-sectional area. At the same time, we managed to maintain the proper flexibility and reliability of connections for ergonomic cable management when assembling the PC.
Efficiency up to 84%
Maintaining high quality standards, SKILLSYSTEMS power supplies achieve an efficiency of over 80%.
Low noise level
Using only high quality power supply circuits, radiators and SKILL-bearing cooling system has resulted in a significant reduction in noise compared to standard power supplies of the same capacity.
Model name P700
Form factor ATX
Power rating 700 Вт
Efficiency up to 84%
Standart ATX12V 2.3
PFC Active
Cooling 120mm fan with double ball bearing
Motherboard Outputs 20+4 pin
4+4-pin CPU Outputs 1
6+2-pin GPU Outputs 2
15-pin Sata Outputs 4
4-pin IDE Outputs 4
+3.3V 17 A
+5V 24 A
+12V 54 A
-12V 0.5 A
+5V Standby 2.5 A
Certification 80 PLUS
Overvoltage protection YES
Overload protection YES
Short circuit protection YES
Dimensions (HxWxD) 86x150x140 mm