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SKU: SK-SF-001
All fans manufactured by SKILLSYSTEMS are created using SKILL-bearing technology, which is based on double ball bearings with ceramic coating, which significantly increases the cooling service life and allows the system to be used 24/7.

With support for speeds from 800 to 1800 rpm and PWM technology, you can easily and flexibly configure the map of temperature / rpm.

For maximum connection ergonomics, our fans are equipped with four connectors simultaneously: PWM IN / Molex (4pin) IN / Molex (4pin) OUT / PWN OUT, which will allow you to connect up to 10 fans in series.

800-1800 RPM
TA powerful motor and a separate PWM rpm control board allow the most flexible setting of the rpm map depending on temperature sensors in the range from 800 to 1800 rpm. SKILLSYSTEMS smart chip system supports both PWM and DC speed control.
SKILL-bearing technology
Cause to the use of a double ball bearing system and ceramic coated moving parts, SKILLSYSTEMS fans operate reliably for 24/7 years.
SKILL-bearing technology is the guarantee of your fan's durability!
High pressure and air flow
Aerodynamic characteristics allowed us to achieve an ideal ratio of flow and high air pressure.
Maximum variability
The maximum set of connectors for connecting SKILLSYSTEMS fans gives you absolute freedom in designing your cooling system. SKILLSYSTEMS fans support up to 10 fans from a single PWM connector on the motherboard, with support for speed control all of them without any additional devices, or up to 50 fans using a Molex(4-pins) In / Out connectors.
SKILLSYSTEMS RGB lighting will make your system look beautiful, stylish and as powerful as possible!
Low noise level
The use of the SKILL-bearing system resulted in a significant reduction in noise compared to standard bearings used in similar cooling systems.
Model name SF1/SF2/SF3/SF4/SF5/SF6/SF7/SF8/SF8/SF10
Size 120x120x25 mm
Voltage 12 В
Current 0.8 А
AirFlow up to 41CFM
AirPressuer 1.2 mmH2O [Max.]
Speed 800-1800 rpm
Noise 23Db
Bearing SKILL-bearing, which is based on double ball bearings with ceramic coating
Input/Output 4 ports: PWM IN / Molex(4pin) IN / Molex(4pin) OUT/ PWN OUT