About us
professional e-sports products
SKILLSYSTEMS was founded in 2017 by an association of leading computer hardware manufacturers in Hong Kong.

We aim to develop products for gamers and gaming venues such as e-sports and cyber arenas.

The idea behind the company is to create a limited line of professional gaming products featuring ergonomic design, high performance and cutting-edge technologies.

When developing each of our devices, we took into account the best technologies that are currently available, as well as feedback from professional e-sports gamers and owners of the largest e-sport venues and their customers. As a result, we ended up with a high-quality product able to please the most demanding of our clients.

We took especial care to reduce the over-time wear and tear of our devices. This included waterproofing, impact-resistant ABS plastic, Double Injection keycaps, aircraft-grade aluminum, addition of Kevlar heat-resistant synthetic fiber to wire insulation, OMRON Japanese-manufactured switches, and a number of other technological improvements. We subjected our prototypes to extensive experiments in an effort to apply various technologies to their design. The final versions underwent hundreds of crush tests. While maintaining our devices' extensive feature list, we were able to keep them lightweight, visually attractive and boasting modern designs our customers expect.

Our products have been tested in a number of leading e-sports venues in Asia, Russia, the US and Europe.